U.S. DOJ publishes opinion that forced vaccines are legal, legal analyst says it is opinion, not law

What the DOJ wrote: https://www.justice.gov/olc/file/1415446/download

Things to remember when reading this article:

  • The Department of Justice (DOJ) is not the court, and therefore, does not interpret the law for practical purposes. Their opinion papers are not a court ruling. The DOJ is actually within the Executive branch of government, not the judicial branch. Such a dispute is settled in a court of law, not by the attorney general.
  • The DOJ attempts to convince the reader that although the law states that you have the freedom to accept or reject an experimental product, such as COVID-19 vaccines, that you if you reject it, that you must suffer “the consequences.” This is not what the law actually means.
  • Law 21 U.S. Code § 360bbb–3 states that you have the right to accept or refuse emergency use authorized products. The only exception is a written order from the President pertaining to military individuals.

The Department of Justice issued a formal opinion that federal law does not prohibit public agencies and private businesses from requiring acceptance of COVID-19 vaccines. The Department of Veterans Affairs became the first federal agency to require its health-care workers to receive the vaccine. President Biden said his administration was considering requiring all federal workers to be vaccinated. -GEG

The Department of Justice concluded in a formal opinion that federal law doesn’t prohibit public agencies and private businesses from requiring COVID-19 vaccines under the Food and Drug Administration’s emergency use authorization.

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