Scott Jensen attacked for joining lawsuit to halt COVID-19 vaccines for kids

A group of American doctors recently filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in an effort to suspend the approval of COVID-19 vaccines for children.

Dr. Scott Jensen, a former Minnesota state senator and current candidate for Minnesota governor, is one of the doctors who joined the lawsuit, sparking an onslaught of attacks against him.

Jensen has been outspoken on the COVID-19 vaccine in general, but especially as it relates to children. Jensen wrote on Twitter following the release of the lawsuit that the “future health” of kids should be justification for pausing the vaccine.

“Kids matter. Unnecessary and unknown risks to their future health is reason enough to pause this frenzied vaccine rollout plan for children not yet through puberty,” he said.

Politicians and activists are attacking him on social media for his involvement in the lawsuit, claiming he is a conspiracy theorist and a “lunatic.”

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