Republican urges Walz to prohibit door-to-door vaccine efforts

Rep. Mary Franson, R-Alexandria, recently urged Gov. Tim Walz to prohibit the Biden administration’s plan to go door-to-door promoting the COVID-19 vaccine.

In a letter to Walz, Franson advised that any efforts like this would simply “undermine” trust from the public.

“Personal health decisions should be made between a patient and a doctor, not between a patient and the government,” Franson wrote, adding that “a door-to-door vaccination effort that seeks to entice or pressure Minnesotans to get the vaccine would only undermine the public’s trust and confidence.”

This would be “bad policy,” according to Franson. “An unsolicited visit to entice or pressure a resident to choose a vaccine without their personal physician present is bad policy,” she wrote.

She encouraged Walz to “protect Minnesotans’ personal decisions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Read the full article at Alpha News.

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