Remdesivir increases COVID death, increases renal failure 20%

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If you look at the 4 studies linked in the Sources below, including the one by the WHO, it shows Remdesivir increases the risk of death from COVID by 3%. Remdesivir increases your chance of renal failure by 20%. The federal government will give hospitals a 20% bonus on the entire hospital bill if the hospital prescribes Remdesivir to medicate patients (see image below). The federal government is incentivizing the hospital to prescribe a medication which is toxic. Remdesivir costs about $3,000 per course.

Ivermectin reduces the risk of death from COVID by about 50%. The NIH has ignored multiple FDA approved drugs (not experimental drugs) which are cost effective and are safe, and have unequivocally shown to reduce death of patients in ICU and hospital.

Dexamethasone being prescribed as the wrong drug, in the wrong dose, for the wrong duration of time. Yet every clinician will use this homeopathic dose of dexamethasone, because the NIH tells them to do this.

Watch Dr Paul Marik speak about these details, at a December 2022 Senate hearing hosted by Senator Ron Johnson – below. Dr. Paul Marik, with 300 peer-reviewed publications, is the second most published expert on critical care in the world. He estimated that hundreds of thousands of American deaths would have been avoided if HCQ and IVM had been adopted as early treatments beginning in 2020. He reported that in his hospital, he was forbidden from using safe, effective treatments for COVID, including vitamin C. Instead, he was encouraged to prescribe Remdesivir. Remdesivir is a patented antiviral drug and costs about $3,000 per patient. But Remdesivir can only be administered in a hospital, and antivirals are useless by the time a patient gets to the hospital, because he is well past the stage where the virus has been vanquished, and the patient is threatened by its after effects, including lung damage, low blood oxygenation, and sepsis. Remdesivir is highly toxic to the kidney. According to WHO, Remdesivir increases risk of kidney failure twenty-fold. Dr Marik claimed that there are no legitimate medical uses for Remdesivir, and yet Federal reimbursement to hospitals is boosted 20% (for the entire bill) if Remdesivir is included in the treatment plan.


Remdesivir increases death and renal failure

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The federal government will give hospitals a 20% bonus on the entire hospital bill if the hospital prescribes Remdesivir to medicate patients with Remdesivir.

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