YOU can repeal REAL ID in MN

Minnesotans don’t realize that State legislators gave federal officials sole control over identification, driving, purchasing, transportation and movement. This 2016 control is called REAL ID.” – Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom (CCHF)

Read the FACTS about REAL ID on the CCHF website. Here is an excerpt from their page:

National Patient ID: CCHF views REAL ID as a National ID card and a back door to a National Patient ID:  

  • HIPAA – The 1996 HIPAA law mandated a Unique Patient Identifier (UPI), but Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) froze funding for its creation in 1999. If implemented, health care access could become an “official purpose” for which the “for federal purposes” REAL ID cards would be required: No card, No care.”

    Today, it is Ron Paul’s son, Rand Paul, who is essentially the only person standing between you and the implementation of the Unique Patient Identifier (UPI).
  • “ID DEMANDS – Due to the 2007 FTC “Red Flags Rule,” most clinics and hospitals require patients to show ID if they don’t pay cash ( Even though a law clarified that physicians aren’t required to ID patients, many still require it (no card, no care).”