Radio host says FBI took $500K from his bank account because he attended Jan DC rally

“Controversial conservative commentator Nick Fuentes, the host of America First radio program, says the FBI took almost $500,000 from his bank account and that he has no legal recourse to recover his money. He says he attended a “civil First-Amendment protected demonstration” and was nowhere near the US Capitol Building on January 6. Nevertheless, the FBI and Department of Justice are investigating him and have seized his bank account.” 

“The 23-year-old host of America First was one of the many attendees at the rally in DC organized by President Trump on January 6. Although he says he simply attended a “civil First Amendment protected demonstration,” and was nowhere near the U.S. Capitol Building as the protests escalated into civil unrest, the FBI and Department of Justice are investigating him regardless. He described how he was first alerted when his bank card was declined. He then learned his checking account was drained, with almost $500,000 gone. He says his bank confirmed a legal order had been placed against it, but could not elaborate. Over two weeks later, he says the bank provided numbers for attorneys working for the Department of Justice. From this, he gathered he was under investigation by the FBI.

“The reason why this is so crushing is because the Department of Justice and the FBI are immovable,” Fuentes explained. “Because of the War on Terror, because of the PATRIOT Act, because of how the federal government operates, they really can do whatever they want to whoever they want, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” He says a lawyer told him he had no legal recourse to recover the money, the FBI can keep it for as long as they want, and they have no obligation to return it.”

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