YOU can protect YOUR health data

Good news Minnesotans — Minnesota has some of the strongest health data privacy laws in the united States. MN’s medical privacy law is better than “HIPAA”.

Bad news…they are not strong enough to practically protect your health data, especially with HIPAA around. Read the truth about the HIPPA “privacy rule.”

We have all been led to believe the HIPAA law was passed to protect us, when in fact, HIPAA allows our health data to be shared with over potentially 2.2 million private and government entities! HIPAA harms you in at least 25 ways.

“The MN Health Records Act (144.291 to 144.298) requires written patient consent for sharing patient information for: treatment, payment, “health care operations” (i.e. analytics/fundraising), medical research, military personnel, law enforcement, funeral directors, & national security activities.” HIPAA permits sharing for all of these WITHOUT CONSENT.

Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom

There are laws we must pass in Minnesota to change the way HIPAA forms are being handled, and ensure that informed consent is no longer being withheld, and change the way providers are sharing your data regardless if you sign the HIPAA forms or not…but in the meantime, legislators repeatedly attempt to repeal the health data privacy laws we DO have in Minnesota.

Corporations want YOUR data for their profit. Groups like the Chamber of Commerce, MN Business Partnership, health plans, and hospitals support the repeal of our MN privacy law. They may use your data to profile patients and doctors, ration care, and they profit from doing so… 

The health care industry’s market for analyzing and storing health information is valued at more than $7 billion annually.”

Advisory Board, 11/28/2018

These greedy corporations tell our legislator that “Minnesota needs to conform with the HIPAA standard.” But that is not the whole truth. When Congress enacted the HIPAA law in 1996, the law and its Rule allowed States to enact stronger privacy laws (45 CFR §160.203(b)). Per HIPAA, any state law that is stronger than HIPAA must be followed.

“Although MN’s privacy law is the best…other states are enacting “better than HIPAA” privacy laws [too]: 42 states, including MN, allow patients to opt-in or opt-out of government-sponsored HIEs, Florida requires consent for sharing data for health care operations (HCO) and 14 states require consent to disclose mental health records for payment, treatment, and HCO.”

Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom

We must ward off these attacks from legislators who are influenced by these corporations, while we work on a long-term solution to stop our data from being shared.