YOU can repeal the governor’s ‘powers’

Who ‘gave’ the governor so much power, that he could make or suspend laws during a declared emergency? The legislature is the only branch of government that can create laws, right?

The Minnesota Emergency Health Powers Act (laws 2002, ch. 402, codified mainly in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 12) was enacted and adjusted several times during the first decade of the 2000s, equipping the governor with extraordinary ‘powers’.

The COVID-19 emergency declaration was terminated on July 1, 2021; however, Walz can declare another. Meanwhile, the damage continues…businesses destroyed by the aftermath, and lives left financially crippled.

Three high profile efforts in Minnesota to pass laws aim to eliminate some parts of the Minnesota Emergency Health Powers Act e.g. giving the governor ‘power’ to declare an emergency, and write orders that have full effect of law.

#1 – Ask your legislators to co-sign MN bill 2204 (not 28!)

Representative Erik Mortensen (55A) introduced house bill HF 2204 (aka “Never Again bill”),which would make the minimum changes needed to restore our freedom and constitutional rights – listed below. Representative Cal Bahr introduced bill HF 28 which was touted as achieving the same goals; however, if you read bill HF 28, you will see it fails to make substantive change.

  1. Governor can’t unilaterally declare an emergency
  2. Governor executive orders will not be treated as laws
  3. Governor is fined or imprisoned if he violates these laws
  4. Establishes a citizens bill of rights

#2 – Sign the “Never Again Petition”

Action 4 Liberty asks Minnesotans to sign the petition demanding that the MN legislature pass the Never Again Bill (HF 2204) to end unilateral emergency powers. The petition also demands a recorded vote on all motions and bills pertaining to the bill. Action 4 Liberty is a Minnesota non-profit organization founded in 2012, dedicated to “protecting liberty for the next generation.”

#3 – Consider a governor who pledges “Never Again”

Find out which governor candidates signed the pledge, which states that they will not sign any legislation until the Minnesota legislature passes the ‘Never Again bill’ HF 2204. This pledge was created by Action 4 Liberty.