Police tells mother that school has authority to abuse child. School administrators locked unmasked child out in 45 degree weather

Red Voice Media: Heather Wedge is a mother in Rochester Massachusetts. Recently, she got a doctor’s note for her son so she could exempt him from wearing a mask in school. The school superintendent intervened and claimed that the doctor’s license was suspended. It wasn’t; that was a lie. When she proved that, the superintendent simply said that a letter wasn’t good enough.

Last week, Heather’s son arrived at school, without a mask, and so school officials locked him outside the building for 15 minutes in 45-degree weather.

Heather wrote this in her message to us. Quote: “I went to the school and called the police. … The police showed up and told me their hands are tied and that the school has more power than them. …Please please help me. I’m terrified. If they ignore the doctor’s note how do I know they will honor the religious exemption on file for vaccines? I want to pull him out but he is a junior in a vocational school earning welding. I don’t know what to do. Please help my child.”

To find information about how to homeschool your child, please visit the resources page on this website > “Take Action for You”.

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Rep Norman J. Orrall
Phone: 617-722-2090
Email: norman.orrall@mahouse.gov

Rochester MA Police Department
Phone: 508-763-5112

Aaron Polansky, Superintendent
Phone: 508-763-8011
Email: apolansky@oldcolony.us

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