Sign the Petition – Ban Vaccine Passports in Minnesota

In recent months, we have seen that during a government-defined “crisis”, our fundamental freedoms can be quickly usurped. Coercive tactics to essentially force non-FDA-approved and liability-free vaccines are now being attempted.

For example, some taxpayer-funded day programs in Minnesota are forcing disabled adults to take a COVID-19 vaccine in order to attend in-person programming.

Minnesotans must stand together and declare absolute opposition to any form of vaccine passport. Let your voice be heard by signing the petition to ban vaccine passports in Minnesota, and share with everyone you know!

UPDATE: we are momentarily pausing the collection of signatures for this petition as we evaluate where things are headed in our legislature and the medical freedom bills that are being proposed.


“We the undersigned affirm that each individual has the inherent right to bodily autonomy.

We believe that every person must have access to public accommodations without intrusion into their private medical choices. Denying access to public services or accommodations must never be used as a form of medical coercion.

We defend the rights of businesses to operate how they choose, except to the extent that they infringe on a customer’s right to make personal, private, or faith-based medical decisions. Requiring proof of medical decisions, and/or having customers face exclusion or discrimination based on those decisions is a clear infringement on medical and constitutional freedom.

Therefore, we the undersigned hereby petition our elected Minnesota officials to protect the rights of their constituents by banning vaccine passports and any other coercive tool of private or public entities, and by asking our elected officials to establish in law our unequivocal right to medical freedom.”


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