What are vaccine passports?

What are vaccine passports?

Can you imagine a world where you have to provide a document or phone app to be allowed entrance to a shopping mall or grocery store? Do you have family members who receive disability services, yet are being denied if they do not provide “papers” (proof of vaccination) to the state?

This is the world we are moving toward if we do not stand up and protect our rights as Minnesotans.

Vaccine passports are given various names, such as “green pass”, “Excelsior pass”, or “digital certificate”.

In New York, the state uses a so-called ‘Excelsior Pass’ for state-wide entrance to government buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, and the workplace. The European Union has adopted a vaccine passport system to allow citizens of each of the European nations to “freely” travel between countries. Can you imagine seeking permission from the governments of South Dakota, Iowa or even Wisconsin to travel to those states? Or even worse, asking our federal government for permission to do so?

Let’s work together to ensure that we can move freely in Minnesota and between states. We have the right to live our lives as we desire.

A vaccine passport creates a caste system within our world, where those who don’t vaccinate will be sent to the “back of the bus,” excluded from daily activities, and prevented from participating at places of worship. We would be confined to our homes…another form of a lockdown.

Will you please sign the petition and say “no” to vaccine passports?

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