NM school board stands strong, refuses mask mandate even after Gov threatens takeover

Small-town school board: No more masks on kids. State: You can’t do that, we’ll crush you. Will you comply? School board: No.

“On July 26, the board said students would not be required to wear masks at school, according to The Eastern New Mexico News.

Floyd’s school board decision was contrary to the newly announced state policy.

“It is extremely troubling that this board has taken official action in direct violation of the requirements to maintain the health and safety of the community,” read a letter dashed off by Ryan Stewart, the state’s secretary of education. (The full letter was posted by the Roosevelt Review.)

The Floyd school board had to reverse its decision by noon Tuesday, the letter said. Otherwise, it “could result in adverse licensure actions against licensed individuals, suspension of school board governance, and other applicable enforcement actions,” Stewart added.

“Any punitive actions by the board against the Superintendent, other administrators, or school or district staff for following COVID-Safe Practices may result in immediate suspension of school board governance. Furthermore, the District will be subject to ongoing monitoring and site visits to ensure compliance with health protocols.”

the restrictions on Floyd are endorsed by the office of Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, Eastern New Mexico News reported. Her name also appeared on Stewart’s letter.

“We decided to send the department of education the reply to the letter that we had received from the secretary of ed — a note … saying ‘thank you’ for the letter but you don’t have the authority to do what you have asked us to do,” Leon Nall, president of the school board told The Western Journal just before the state’s Tuesday noon deadline.”

Read the full article at The Western Journal.

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