MN government, agencies, and private companies text-spam Minnesotans, asking them to vaccinate

Minnesotans are being contacted by the “state of Minnesota”, their health insurance company, their county health departments, and other organizations, via text, phone call, and email, asking Minnesotans to vaccinate. These texts, phone calls and emails are unwanted, and they are spam. When Minnesotans want to stop receiving the texts, for example, they are not able to do so. The sender does not provide a mechanism to opt-out or stop the messages.

If you have been spammed by the state of Minnesota, its government agencies, or your county or other level health department, please share your story here.


7/21/21 – Minnesotan received the text below from 612-429-4437, described as “the State of Minnesota” and “Blue Plus” (insurance company). They replied “STOP” but didn’t get a response that the texts will stop.

6/11/21 – Minnesotan received the the following text from the Minnesota Isanti county health department.

“Ball games, fishing trips, the State Fair-summer in Minnesota is The Best! Tickets to some of the state’s most popular attractions are just a shot away. Get your first vaccine now to earn a great prize. Getting vaccinated has never been easier, or more rewarding!

5/15/21 – Minnesotan received the following text from the Minnesota Department of Health:

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