MN Dr. Osterholm: “Cloth face coverings aren’t enough to combat” COVID. Only N-95

“Michael Osterholm, director of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, said he not only wouldn’t allow a vaccinated teen to go to school without a mask, he’d demand the teen wear an N-95 respirator. “Cloth face coverings aren’t enough to combat the #DeltaVariant he insisted.”

Should you wear a mask? If so, which kind? “At this point, we need to put everything we can towards controlling” the outbreak and “one of the things of course is masks,” but he says you really need “N95 masks or the K95 for kids. Masking is a very important right now. Remember, while vaccination is still the number one, two, and three weapons we have, if even everyone got vaccinated today, the surge would go on as it is right now for the next four to six weeks, because these people would not yet have immunity. So what they can do today though, is mask.”

How can you tell if your mask is working? “Let’s put it this way,” said Osterholm. “If you were in a room with someone who is smoking, would you smell the smoke? That is an aerosol tand you know how they travel. You’ve walked down the street wherever, you suddenly get the whiff of smoke and you see somebody 20 feet in front of you. And so that’s the test we have now. A cloth mask can give you some protection, but it’s not the kind of protection that you have when you use a much more effective mask. We have not talked about that nearly enough.”



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2 thoughts on “MN Dr. Osterholm: “Cloth face coverings aren’t enough to combat” COVID. Only N-95

  1. So masks don’t work against any virus. So it be said. Leave your worthless mask at home and get back to living.

  2. The distance between the fabric in the mask is about 60um, the size of virus is 1um. Wearing a mask to protect us against virus is like opening window wide and hope a mosquito won’t fly through it.

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