MN child or college vaccine exemption (daycare, elementary, secondary or post-secondary school)

Minnesota state law requires parents to submit documentation related to their child’s vaccination to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) when children attend public school, private school, homeschool, or attend certain state-licensed daycares.

College students requires students to submit a vaccination RECORD as well.

There are three ways to fulfill the MN law requirements:

  • Submit a completed MDH vaccine record, or
  • Submit a form signed by a doctor that the child or college student is exempt due to medical reasons, or
  • Submit an exemption to vaccination one of two ways, per MN statute 121a.15 (for children) or MN statute 135A.14 for college students. Find information from MDH about notarizing.
    • notarized statement indicating that the child has not received vaccine(s) because of conscientiously held beliefs – example
    • notarized MDH vaccine record with the conscientious exemption selected

The Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota does not recommend that people use the MDH vaccine record, due to the coercive language in the highlighted area (see below). “MDH promotes an agenda of fear without reporting the fact that all vaccines can harm or kill a child, as well. Had MDH been interested in providing true informed consent, the statement would also say: “Choosing to vaccinate may put the health or life of your child or others they come in contact with at risk.”

If you do choose to use the MDH form, feel free to cross off the offensive language before having it notarized.

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