Minnesotans share stories of COVID-19 vaccine injuries

Several Minnesotans opened up about the harms of COVID-19 mandates during a press conference this week on a GOP-backed bill that would protect residents from “unconstitutional and medically irresponsible COVID-19 vaccine mandates.”

Suzanna Newell held back tears as she described how her health dramatically changed within 30 hours of taking a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine on April 13, 2021. The once-active triathlete who had no underlying health conditions is now in constant debilitating pain, unable to perform even the simplest tasks.

“My primary doctor filled out the Pfizer paperwork and said my symptoms are from the vaccine. I’ve yet to hear from Pfizer. This is not a pandemic of the unvaccinated; this is a pandemic of trauma,” Newell said.

Six-year-old Milo Edberg developed myocarditis after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. (Alpha News)

One year later, Newell said her symptoms have worsened. Newell was diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy, an autoimmune disease, and cardiovagal antigenic dysfunction.

During the press conference, Kate Zerby said she too developed unexplained health conditions after receiving the jab.

“I was later found to have heart enlargement and atrial fibrillation that I never had before, an abrupt change that my doctor felt, along with everything I had been dealing with, had to have come from the vaccine. She told me, ‘Thank God you didn’t take the second one,’” Zerby said.

As for six-year-old Milo Edberg, he was diagnosed with myocarditis after receiving the COVID shot. Milo’s story was first featured in Alpha News in January. Milo was born prematurely, but he was walking and alert up until he received the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The doctors kept pushing me, [saying] he’s at high risk, so you have to get the vaccine,” said Carrie Edberg, Milo’s mom. “I wasn’t really wanting to get it because I felt like it came on too quickly; it was made too quickly. We didn’t know the side effects, but I went against my gut and told the doctor let’s do it. Unfortunately, it didn’t do well for him.”

Several other residents shared the horrific results of doing what they were told was “safe and effective.” Many had examples of health problems that emerged not only from the COVID-19 vaccine but other drugs, too.

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