Minnesota provider told clinicians not to grant vaccine exemptions, nurse says

“We recommend against clinicians providing medical exemptions,” says an internal HealthPartners memo publicized by a Regions Hospital nurse.

“A Minnesota-based health care network advised clinicians against providing vaccine exemptions, including to pregnant women, according to a nurse in the system.

HealthPartners is a health care system and insurance provider based in Bloomington that services about 1.2 million patients annually, includes over 90 hospitals and clinics, has 26,000 employees and operates in six states. In August, HealthPartners CEO Andrea Walsh apparently sent a “guidance” email recommending that clinicians in the system not provide exemptions from the coronavirus vaccine to patients, specifically pregnant women.

This memo was made public by a nurse who works at St. Paul’s Regions Hospital, a 149-year-old facility that is part of the HealthPartners network.

“We recommend against clinicians providing medical exemptions (including pregnancy) unless the patient has a documented allergy to a vaccine ingredient (polyethylene glycol),” the memo reads. “In that case, we recommend that before providing an exemption letter, clinicians should work with their patients to determine if another vaccine with different ingredients would be more suitable.”

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