Minnesota nurses say vaccine injuries likely underreported, 12 nurses share their experiences on front lines

About two dozen nurses came together to share their experiences from the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic at a recent town hall. Watch the live-streamed event – link below.

“Minnesota nurses say that injuries related to the coronavirus vaccine are underreported as hospital administrators discourage use of the adverse reaction reporting system.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a government-administered database that health care professionals are required to use to report adverse reactions their patients have to vaccines. However, Minnesota nurses say that negative reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine are underreported as hospitals discourage their staff from recording them.

These reports that the COVID shot may be more dangerous than the public is led to believe came by way of a town hall hosted by Rep. Erik Mortensen on Friday. Alpha News provided a livestream of the event.

One of the nurses who spoke out said that her and her friends at other hospitals are “seeing more reactions with their patients post-vaccination than they’re seeing COVID patients.” This statement generated broad agreement from many of the other nurses who seem to have witnessed this same trend.

Meanwhile, this nurse said her and her associates are “laughed at for bringing it [the side effects] up … There’s such an insane sense of bullying going on that people aren’t even wanting to speak up.”

Read the full article at Alpha News.

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