Minnesota Department of Health leaves the door open for vaccine passports

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) seemed to suggest that vaccine passports are a possibility in a statement earlier this week.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said just eight days ago that he does not want to implement a “vaccine passport” system that requires Minnesotans to carry documentation that they’ve received the coronavirus vaccine.

“I have no intention of doing vaccine passports,” he told reporters, per KSTP. “Our vaccine passport is get the shot. Get the shot, and we get beyond this. So we have no intention of doing it.”

However, the governor’s own health department seemed to broadcast a different message via a statement posted to Facebook just six days later, on April 13.

“We don’t know yet know [sic] if you’ll need to show proof of vaccination for things like traveling, concerts or other activities,” the MDH wrote.


The department also urged Minnesotans to keep documentation of their vaccination status. The post even includes a link to a state website that keeps track of who has been vaccinated, which can be used to obtain extra copies of vaccination records.

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