Long COVID & COVID vaccine injuries – what’s the difference?

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In this compelling article in the Epoch Times, reporter Marina Zhang explores the differences between Long COVID and COVID-19 Vaccine Injury. “Long COVID is defined by persistent symptoms after a COVID-19 infection,” she writes. “While vaccine injuries are symptoms that manifest due to vaccination.”

Ms. Zhang explains that confusion between the two conditions may be because the clinical presentations are similar—along with the fact that there is currently no approved diagnostic test for either syndrome.

“Both long COVID and vaccine injury have been theorized to be caused by spike protein, though by very different mechanisms,” reports Zhang. “[Dr. Pierre] Kory’s vaccine-injured patients tend to have more neurological symptoms including neuropathies, seizures, tremors, and tinnitus, while [Dr. Keith] Berkowitz said that he observes more cardiac problems among his vaccine-injured patients.” (Dr. Kory and Dr. Berkowitz are two of ten founding physicians of the FLCCC.)


In another article in the Epoch Times, Ms. Zhang outlines the major treatments used by clinicians for the treatment of Long COVID. She notes that our Dr. Paul Marik has labeled Long COVID a “syndrome” rather than a disease because of its varied and complicated symptoms. These can include brain fog, fatigue, malaise, shortness of breath, tachycardia, and gastrointestinal problems.

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