Legal expert puts Biden’s mandates into perspective

KrisAnne Hall is a biochemist, US Army veteran, and a former prosecutor for the state of Florida. She practiced First Amendment law for a prominent national non-profit law firm, and she is not the President of Liberty First University and travels the country teaching the foundational principles of liberty and our constitutional republic. She and her husband JC, a veteran and pastor to Haiti, co-created the movie and movement Non-compliant.

The whole purpose of the Constitution is to establish limits on the federal government, not to establish limits on the rights of the people.

Kris Ann Hall
  • Does our Constitution protect against Biden using OSHA to enforce mandates?
  • How mandates hurt employers
  • How to assert exemptions
  • What a “federal takeover” is, and what it means for policy in the states
  • Most importantly, you will learn about
  • Solutions in peaceful noncompliance under the supreme law of the land

Steps You Can Take Afterward

Step One: Go to Liberty First Society to sign up for activism classes so we can move toward health freedom.

Step Two: Watch Noncompliant for an information packed re-education on the true meaning of the Constitution for America.

Step Three: Take action to say NO to vaccine mandates in our communities



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