Israel to launch “Happy Badge” for events, masks enforced, 60% hospitalizations: vaccinated

60% of the patients in serious conditions in Israel have been vaccinated.

Ministers agreed to prepare to enforce the Happy Badge,” which gives access to weddings and similar events with more than 100 guests only to those who are vaccinated, recovered or holders of a recent negative coronavirus test. People will be required to wear masks. Establishments that do not follow the rules will be subject to a NIS 5,000 fine.

Top health officials are pushing for the government to bring back the Green Pass for gatherings over 100 people, including at restaurants. Insiders say the cabinet is likely to do so.

1,600 municipal inspectors will ensure the public is wearing masks, mostly in malls and larger stores. The fine for not wearing a mask in closed public spaces is NIS 500.

If Israelis travel to Spain, Kyrgyzstan, Britain, Cyprus, Turkey, Georgia, Uganda, Myanmar, Fiji, Panama, Cambodia, Kenya and Liberia, they have to isolate upon returning for seven to 14 days. Israelis need to obtain permission from a special governmental exceptions committee to travel at to Argentina, Brazil, India, Mexico, Russia and Belarus.

Read the full article from the The Jerusalem Post.

Watch another presentation of these facts by the esteemed Dr. Peter McCullough:

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