How to fulfill Ivermectin prescription [if pharmacist refuses, or claims shortage]

Dr. Kory speaks about how to obtain your prescription successfully:


Pharmaceutical profiteering is banking on the fact that people will not trust their regular doctors and nurses as being credible, parroting nonsense on mainstream media about a “horse wormer” and ignoring solid science.

A solid and purposeful disinformation campaign starting with FALSE reports about overdoses on veterinary products, the story out of Oklahoma was completely contrived.

The following is a guide to circumvent this corrupt blockade, with the tools to circumnavigate these blockades.

1. Stop buying into that there is a corporate policy against Ivermectin, don’t believe this, there is no “Corporate policy.”

2. There is no national supply shortage

3. If a pharmacist refuses to fill, you need to find out why and make sure it is not an illegal reason (Pharmacists can refuse to fill a prescription that they legitimately know to be dangerous such as a severe allergy or a severe interaction with an existing medication, but they cannot just generically deem a medication “dangerous” that is commonly prescribed.

4. They can always get a supply of Ivermectin in 24 hrs there is NO national shortage

This will link to a downloadable document to help you navigate this pharmaceutical blockade, but here are the basics:

1. All corporate pharmacy chains want to know if a pharmacist is refusing to fill prescriptions, this is illegal, practicing medicine without medical licenses and cooperate lawyers know this.

Corporate will want to know the name of the pharmacist, location, and store number where a valid prescription was refused. You need to contact cooperate assistant lines.

email: The following is the largest manufacturer of Ivermectin: give them your zip code, they will tell you the nearest pharmacy that has supplies. Otherwise, find a confirmed pharmacy.

Sample conversation if told a valid Ivermectin prescription cannot or will not be filled:

“Id like to document what I am hearing, what is your full name, and store number?


“The customer service department at your corporate office has indicated that they would like information about any of their pharmacists who refuse ivermectin scripts, so what’s your email address so we can connect both of us with your customer service department?”

“I have the email right here for Edenbridge pharmaceutical company, the largest Ivermectin supplier in the United States, and they are willing to ship to any pharmacy that has run out of ivermectin at the following email:

I would be happy to help you email them so we can get a supply in 24 hours and get my prescription filled and if that is not acceptable, we can also talk to cooperate about obtaining my medication.

Thank you for your assistance”

If that doesn’t work then:

“I don’t intend to be difficult, but I need the medication that my doctor has prescribed, and please understand that if this is not resolved today, I will be filing an official complaint with the State Pharmacy board, because, unless you are one of the very few states that allow pharmacists to do this, what you are doing is “attempting to practice medicine” and that is illegal.”

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  1. I did get a response to an email to It was helpful and they also provided some pharmacies within 50 miles who have ordered from them and will likely fill. It seems like you have to have the pharmacy identified first when using telehealth services to get Ivermectin. Thanks for the additional link.

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