Government has NO way to determine number of COVID vaccine injuries

There is actually no scientific way to determine the actual number of injuries and deaths from COVID vaccines, or any vaccine, as the government lacks a qualified surveillance system to capture injuries. 

The government system that was designed to monitor dangerous vaccine reactions, known as Biologics Effectiveness and Safety System (BEST), is not capable of analyzing safety data; still in developmental stages.  

Federal regulators use a “patchwork of existing programs that they acknowledge are inadequate because of small sample size, missing critical data or other problems.” Source: New York Times: “As Millions Get Shots, F.D.A. Struggles to Get Safety Monitoring System Running” 

Learn to recognize reactions, and report them to the “patchwork of existing programs that are inadequate:”

v-safe smartphone app – recipients can report injuries/death if they wish up to 5 weeks after vaccination.  CDC has not disclosed which agency maintains this data, or what it is used for.  Reports are not automatically transferred to VAERS.  

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) – patients can report injuries/deaths if they wish.  By law, doctors are required to report very little for Covid-19 vaccines; there are no legal repercussions for doctors who don’t report.  30% of doctors are unaware VAERS exists, doctors who are aware report 20% of the injuries/deaths.

Vaccine Safety Datalink – collaboration between CDC and nine health systems that collects vaccine data and electronic medical records of ~12M patients. Although well-regarded, it is of limited use because of its small size.  Independent scientists are not allowed to access the data after 1999 via FOIA, as it’s stored on a private nongovernmental server.  

****v-safe reports DO NOT Get automatically transferred to VAERS.

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