Florida students isolated, quarantined over new COVID-19 protocols

woman in green and white stripe shirt covering her face with white mask

As schools reopened in Florida, several parents in Flagler County received weekend phone calls saying their children were on “a list” because they “may” have been exposed to someone who “may” have had COVID-19. Some parents were told their children could not return to school until they passed a series of COVID-19 tests. Other children were pulled from class and placed in isolation while parents were told to pick them up “immediately.” The process caused confusion and raised legal questions, leaving many parents feeling very angry.

“The woman then asked if her son had been vaccinated. Bowman refused to provide that information.

The woman then told Bowman if her son “could provide a vaccine card,” proving he is vaccinated, he could “go back to normal” and return to class on Monday. Otherwise, he would not be allowed to go back to school for four days, and if he “doesn’t get tested, it would be eight days.”

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