YOU can protect your data (stop HIE) and restore health care (stop HMOs)

Health Information Exchange (HIE) is sharing your data

Did you know your private, confidential, and welfare data is being shared with government agencies and private entities, and is facilitated by the Minnesota Health Information Exchange (HIE)?

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HMOs (health plans) are preventing good health care

Health Maintenance Organization, or HMO. Abandoning the fee-for-service payments of the free market, he wanted physicians to be paid for the number of patients they saw (production), not for their care or their procedures. In other words, not for their skills, their intellect, their critical thinking skills, or their excellence. With the help of President Richard Nixon (R) and bill sponsor U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA), the HMO Act became law in 1973.

Ellwood achieved his goal of overhauling health care in America—but not the way he wanted it. He once said, “The whole HMO thing was perverted by the desire for maximizing profits.” He wanted market forces, not the government-regulated, for-profit health plans of today. He wanted “consumer choices based on quality first and then, secondarily, price.” That’s not what happened.

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