Excess Deaths and the COVID Jab

In related news, Sally Beck, writing for the British website The Conservative Woman (TCW), recently highlighted Edward Dowd’s work on excess deaths statistics, collated and published in the book “Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022.” Beck writes:9

“Former Wall Street executive Edward Dowd … has been dissecting excess mortality statistics recorded since the COVID pandemic began three years ago. He has analyzed and reanalyzed the numbers and has concluded that excess death rates, in those aged 26-41, are closely related to the administration of COVID vaccinations.

‘From February 2021 to March 2022, millennials experienced the equivalent of a Vietnam war, with more than 60,000 excess deaths,’ he said. ‘The Vietnam war took 12 years to kill the same number of healthy young people we’ve just seen die in 12 months.’

This 12-month period covers the COVID vaccination rollout for that age group so in theory we would have expected to see a decrease in excess mortality, not an increase …

Comparisons with normal years was key. All-cause mortality remains relatively constant, and in 2017, 2018 and 2019 around 2.8 million Americans died. Figures spiked in 2020 (COVID), although less than you might imagine, but in 2021 the stats were off the charts.”

Young Americans Are Dying in Record Numbers

In a January 2022 press conference, Scott Davidson, CEO of the mutual life insurance company OneAmerica, shocked the world with his announcement that the death rate among working-age Americans was 40% higher during the third quarter of 2021 than prepandemic levels, and that these deaths were not due to COVID infection.10

Dowd described it as “an earth-shaking statistic,” as a 10% increase would be a 1 in a 200-year event. Davidson, too, stressed the unprecedented nature of the increase, stating that “40% is just unheard of.”11 From there, matters have only worsened.

Excess mortality was 78% for the 25-34 age group and 100% for the 35-44 age group in the same quarter that Biden introduced vaccine mandates and corporate America complied. ~ The Conservative Woman

Dowd’s research shows excess mortality among Millennials was 84% above baseline in the second half of 2021.12 Teens are even dying in their sleep nowadays, and at least two such deaths have been confirmed as being due to COVID jab-induced myocarditis,13 and, as reported by Conservative Woman:14

“The Society of Actuaries Research Institute (SOA) published their COVID-19 mortality survey report on 17 August 2022. It represented approximately 80% of the group life US revenues.

One of their tables showed clearly that excess mortality was 78% for the 25-34 age group and 100% for the 35-44 age group in the same quarter that Biden introduced vaccine mandates and corporate America complied.

Another independent source showed the same disturbing data. The Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Centre (CRC) and the Johns Hopkins Centre for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) tracked and analyzed COVID data worldwide.

They said that 68% of the world’s population was vaccinated and 13 billion doses administered. If they had been safe and effective, how could they explain that the highest death rate occurred after mass vaccination?”

Deaths Among Athletes Up Nearly 1,700%

While death comes to all, the most tragic part of this trend is that it’s young and healthy people who are being prematurely killed, including high-performance athletes.

Approximately 1,65015,16,17,18,19,20 professional and amateur athletes collapsed due to cardiac events in 2021 and 2022. Of those, 1,14821 were fatal. That gives us an annual average death rate of 574 for 2021/2022. For comparison, the historical annual average has been between 2822 and 29.23

How can an increase in athlete deaths of nearly 1,700%24 be explained? Is there another global environmental change that can account for this other than the sudden introduction and widespread uptake of experimental gene therapy?

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