Do you know what is being taught in school?

A Critical Look at Equity and Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Critical Race Theory and Equity are very similar in their ideology and end results. Equity is not the same as equality. Equity is tied to the term social justice. Equity means equal outcomes, which is very different from equal opportunities. Social justice demands things be taken from individuals in one identity group and given to those in another in order to achieve equity. Individual achievement, character and responsibility do not matter.

Please find the information covered in detail on the Child Protection League website.

A Critical Look at Child Sex Education (CSE)

Find more information on the Child Protection League website.

  • CSE removes all natural and protective boundaries for children and teens, encouraging early sexual exploration in graphic detail.
  • CSE uses porn-like images and graphic descriptions to teach children as young as 10 that all “consensual” sexual activity is their “right”. Example: It’s Perfectly Normal
  • CSE teaches kids how to:
    • “consent” to sex
    • to masturbate
    • experience climax
    • claim bodily autonomy for abortion rights
    • promote multiple sexual orientations and gender identities
    • get referrals for abortion and gender counseling with no parental involvement or notification
    • have “safe” vaginal, oral and anal sex
  • CSE allows unlicensed Planned Parenthood and gender activists into your child’s classroom to teach these dangerous and unhealthy practices.
  • CSE grooms children for early sexual activity making them vulnerable targets for sexual abuse, experimentation and trafficking.