Dr. Christopher Shaw: neuroscientists’s concerns about COVID vaccines, could alter DNA of progeny

mRNA vaccines could alter the DNA of your children and grandchildren.
i.e. alteration of the germ cells)
Germ cells give rise in sperm an egg, and any alteration of cells that give rise to those cells at any stage of development – including, but not especially early fetal development, could lead to the insertion of new DNA into the human genome.

An imporant study that partly addresses the question is the biodistribution study of Preclinical and Clinical Demonstration of Immunogenicity by mRNA Vaccines against H10N8 and H7N9 Influenza Viruses, published 2017 in Molecular Therapy by Bahl, a study designed to ask the question: where in the body does the encapsulated mRNA from and mRNA vaccine end up? If the tissues where the technology localizes the RNA includes the reproductive organs, it is conceivable that some instances of germline alteration might be possible. 

Bahl’s study used mRNAs encoding proteins from influenza viruses, but nevertheless, the principle is demonstrated: the commercial mRNA product was found in the testes. They did not record if it was also found in ovaries. The answer to the question of whether the mRNA vaccines might change the human germ line introducing heritable variation is “likely” – but again, the frequency which which such an event or to whom it might be more likely is unknown.

Neuroscientist Chris Shaw recently discussed this study with Del Bigtree on The Highwire, focusing primarily on the issue that the viral protein was found in the brain, and can be expected to induce the innate immune response in the brain, potentially contributed to microglial activation, immune cells in the brain that are stimulated to respond to viral infections or other foreign substances.

Sources: James Lyon Weiler

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