Protect yourself at the hospital – make a Health Care Directive

In the event that you need to go to the hospital, for any reason, you should have a list of things you want, and do not want. There are many tools online to create a directive, and there are many types of directives.

You can get one from the VA, your faith community, your doctor, etc. 

It MUST be notarized.

Here is an example of health care directives that a health care practitioner made related to COVID hospitalization:

  • :Not allowed under any circumstances:
    • vent
    • remdesivir
    • liquid steroids
    • vaccines of any kind
    • antibiotics, unless you can prove a bacterial infection to my family.
  • Desired:
    • supplemental O2
    • IV bag of vitamin C every day. This is the most studied substance in history of medicine.
    • Ivermectin (if you won’t provide it, my family will)
    • only inhaled budesonide (steroid) if you feel it’s needed, no liquid steroids
    • keep me sitting up, and active. If staff is too busy, my family will do it.

2 thoughts on “Protect yourself at the hospital – make a Health Care Directive

  1. I will not go to a hospital for any reason at this point other than broken bones or other traumatic injury similar to this. I would rather die than be treated in a conventional western medical hospital for any kind of systemic illness! I have been close to death more than once, and I have no fear either of dying or of death itself. I do have a terror of medical treatments from our contemporary western medical system, though. I have been a victim of no less than three catastrophic iatrogenic injuries, the third – and last – being the Pfizer covid “vaccine.” It made me extremely sick, and left me with multiple serious injuries. I have been very sick for the entire six months since I was vaxed with the Pfizer poison. I hate contemporary western medicine with a burning passion.

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