Department of Defense whistleblowers: massive harms from covid vaccines

Changes seen in the service members in the Department of Defense database:

  • 279% increase in miscarriages over the 5 year average
  • 296% increase in cancer over the 5-year average
  • 1000%+ increase in neurological illness (82,000 per year to 863,000 in one year).

U.S. Department Of Defense Whistleblowers Says, Vaccine Adverse Events Data Deleted

Dr. Robert Malone talks about the three DOD whistleblowers who claim vaccine adverse events are being deleted after they data mined the database. “The Department of Defense, whoever’s doing this, the data management, is going in and actively deleting cases, manipulating the database. As the original “inventor” of mRNA and DNA vaccines… I am concerned about how the technology is being developed and implemented.” ~Dr. Robert Malone

Department of Defense doctors:

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