Critical race theory in the MN exam room

July 23, 2021, published by the Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom, based in Minnesota

“Critical race theory is advancing in health care. Our organization has testified against race-based data collection. But in June 2021, Minnesota got a new law requiring hospitals with obstetric care and birth centers to provide access to anti-racism training for employees. The words, “systemic racism,” are now in state law as though they were real. 

States are creating offices of health equity to give patients equal health outcomes, and to let people receive care from a person of their own color. But patient outcomes are often more based on the patient than the doctor, and color-based care can deprive patients of the best doctor for them. Unlike angry parents protesting CRT in school board meetings, ill and injured patients may not have the energy to protest when they figure it out. 

Article 3, Section 21 (p. 142.26) and Article 16 Appropriations (p. 466.32), Chapter 7 (House File 33 – Authors Sen. Benson/Rep. Liebling), Office of the Revisor, Minnesota State Legislature (Special session), Signed June 29, 2021:

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