COVID vaccine injuries reported to phone app V-Safe NOT collected in CDC database VAERS

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Within the smartphone-based tool V-safe, the user/vaccine recipient responds to questions and prompts after receiving the COVID vaccine, and, depending on the answers given, the user may receive a call from someone at CDC to follow-up.  If the CDC reaches out to a user, and if the CDC feels the person’s adverse events rise to the level of “clinically important,” then the CDC may submit that report to VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), which is managed by the CDC and FDA. VAERS is a passive, self-reporting system, meaning, it is not automated.

It is a requirement that every doctor report any adverse event that occurs following vaccination. We know this is not being done. According to the 1986 Act, the Secretary of HHS is to take action and decide penalties for when doctors or pharmaceutical companies fail to report adverse events.

This is why ICAN reached out to the acting director of the HHS and the new CDC Director Walensky in February 2021 to demand that all adverse events reported through V-safe are added to the VAERS database.  This is absolutely necessary for complete and consistent data as well as for transparency as the public does not have access to any information exchanged through V-safe.  

ICAN received a response from Sandra Cashman, Executive Secretary of the Office of the Chief of Staff at CDC.  Ms. Cashman’s letter, however, did not make clear under what circumstances V-safe data would also be reported to VAERS.

The V-safe “script” looks similar to this:

According to the CDC, if a V-safe user checks that he or she is suffering from severe chills, severe headache, severe fatigue, and severe nausea and diarrhea but does not check any of the above three quoted options, it is unclear whether the CDC will place a follow-up phone call to that recipient and/or whether it will submit a VAERS report on the recipient’s behalf.

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