Study – COVID-vaccinated showed significant increases in heart issues

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“A study of hospitalized patients who had received the COVID-19 vaccine showed major increases in certain heart issues beyond the normal expected. The sample study covered 40 hospitals in Washington, Oregon, Montana and Los Angeles County, California.

The patients were diagnosed with myocarditis, myopericarditis or pericarditis, according to their emergency room reports. Among more than 2 million individuals who received at least one dose, 58.9% were women with a median age of 57 years.  

Twenty-five percent of myocarditis cases had ejection fractions of 50% or less with an increase in long-term cardiac complications; the increase in pericarditis beyond what would normally be expected was up by 60%, while the number of myopericarditis was elevated by 62%.

“Myocarditis developed rapidly in younger patients, mostly after the second vaccination,” the JAMA article said. “Pericarditis affected older patients later, after either the first or second dose.”


Twitter Dr. Andrew Bostom August 4, 2021

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