Find information you need: COVID treatment

United States medical professional groups offer numerous treatment options and demonstrate success with the percentage of patients surviving and living with high quality of life after COVID.

  • C19 – organized by Peter McCullough, the most published author in his field, in history.
  • FLCCC – Frontline Critical Care Consortium. They offer the famous MATH+ protocol:
  • America’s Frontline Doctors
  • C19 worked with Association of American Physicians and Surgeons -( they offer a home patient guide, and they have organized the united States into four telemedicine services, and 15 regional services, functioning through 500+ doctors.  People diagnosed with COVID-19 called in; medicine was prescribed and delivered. These doctors treat about 25% of the united States COVID-19 population who are age 50+ with severe co-morbidities.  They understand the the suppression of medicines is tightly linked with the rollout of the vaccine.