Countries lock down unvaccinated

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Italy begins lockdown of the unvaccinated: Only the double jabbed will be able to fully participate in public life using a ‘super green pass’ from TODAY – Daily Mail

Germany backs lockdown restrictions for the unvaccinated – Fox News

Austria will end lockdown for vaccinated people, will keep lockdown for unvaccinated – Bloomberg

UK – What COVID plan B means for you: work from home, vaccine passports. UK said there would be no more lockdowns, but yet, here they come (The Telegraph). There is policing bill also on the table — “Jailed for 51 weeks for protesting? Britain is becoming a police state by stealth” – The Guardian

Australia, Queensland – “Restrictions for unvaccinated people: From 17 December 2021, unvaccinated people will be unable to: visit vulnerable settings, including hospitals, residential aged care, disability accommodation services, and prisons.” – Queensland government

Ironically, Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil made a public statement that a free nation must respect human rights and cannot threaten people with vaccination or income loss.

So in the UK, it could become criminal to protest lockdown measures for which there are now over 400 studies showing they do not work. “More than 400 studies on the failure of compulsory covid interventions” – Brownstone Institute

United States – Covid: Children aged 5 to 11 will need vaccine proof for restaurants and cinemas in NYC – Independent

Well-structured German study shows no deaths among health German kids 5-11

Here is what we find for healthy kids with Covid-19:

  • For healthy kids, the risk of going to the hospital is 51 per 100,000
  • For healthy kids, the risk of going to the ICU is 8 per 100,000
  • For healthy kids, the risk of death is 3 per 1,000,000 with no deaths reported in kids older than 5
  • Kids 5 to 11 have a lower risk than kids <5 and adolescents 12 to 17
  • Kids 5 to 11 have a risk of going to the ICU of 2 in 100,000; 0 died
  • Among kids who died of COVID19, 38% were already on palliative/ hospice care.
  • MIS-C/ PIMS was less common with delta

Brownstone Institute

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