Vaccine failure, coronavirus spreads among vaccinated

WebMD reports: Minnesota finds 89 COVID cases in vaccinated people.

Dr. Peter McCullough joined the Highwire on July 23, 2021 to discuss the serious problem with the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines, and how mass vaccination is creating this runaway train of a pandemic. He shared the fact that 60%+ of COVID-19 hospitalizations in Israel are fully vaccinated patients.

Mercury News reports: COVID spreading fast in well-vaccinated California counties.

Fox News reports: COVID-19 infects about 100 vaccinated crew members on HMS Queen Elizabeth

Newsweek reports: fully vaccinated New Orleans woman dies of COVID aged 33 in rare breakthrough case.

The Blaze reports: 49 fully vaccinated people in New Jersey have died from COVID-19.

Fox 17 reports: 27 fully vaccinated people have died in Tennessee, health department says.

Bridge Michigan reports: 246 infected, 3 dead from COVID-19 in Michigan despite being vaccinated.

10 Boston reports: 79 people dead, 303 hospitalized in Mass. breakthrough cases.

5 Chicago reports: 169 dead, 644 hospitalized in Illinois breakthrough COVID cases

ABC11 reports: Fully-vaccinated Cary couple ‘shocked and disappointed’ after both become sick from COVID.

Indy100 reports: Piers Morgan reveals he caught Covid at Euro 2020 final despite being double jabbed.

Fox61 reports: Masonicare in Wallingford dealing with COVID-19 outbreak of the fully vaccinated.

The Guardian reports: Covid outbreak among vaccinated Vegas hospital workers underscores Delta risks.

Forbes reports: breakthrough covid cases among vaccinated players postpones MLB game.

DailyMail reports: shooting for Hollywood film shuts down after vaccinated cast get covid.

KXAN reports: 6th fully vaccinated Texas Democrat lawmaker tests positive for COVID-19.

USA Today reports: Two passengers test positive for COVID on Celebrity Millennium ‘fully vaccinated’ cruise.

Forbes reports: outdoor wedding: 6 fully vaccinated infected with covid-19 delta variant.

ABC News reports: Stanford University reports 7 breakthrough cases of COVID-19 among fully vaccinated students.

Khou 11 reports: Church camp COVID outbreak: 20 fully vaccinated Galveston County residents test positive, officials say.

Newsweek reports: 28 fully vaccinated people contract COVID at homeless shelter in California.

Sheryl Atkinson reports: Half of COVID-19-infected adults in Israel in latest outbreak were fully vaccinated.

The Vaccine Reaction reports the fact that COVID-19 cases (which could include hospitalizations) are occurring in majority vaccinated people.

  • Infections in Vaccinated People in U.K. are Outpacing Infections in the Unvaccinated
    A recent study published by King’s College in London, which operates the ZOE COVID Study app to monitor COVID infection and vaccination rates, found that, as of July 15, 2021, there was an average of 15,537 new daily symptomatic cases COVID-19 among partly or fully vaccinated people in the United Kingdom—an increase of 40 percent from the previous week’s total of 11,084 new cases.
  • Most Infections in Israel are Among Vaccinated People
    In Israel, about 60 percent of the country’s population of 9.3 million has received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine. About 85 percent of adults in Israel have been vaccinated. Yet most of the new coronavirus infections are occurring in vaccinated people
  • Infections in Chile, Seychelles and Mongolia Mostly in Vaccinated People
    Another example of a highly vaccinated country which has been experiencing a new outbreak of coronavirus infections mostly among its vaccinated population is Chile. Of the thousands of new coronavirus cases being reported daily in that country, 80 percent of them are in vaccinated people. Chile has fully vaccinated 55 percent of its population.

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