File complaints

If your rights have been violated, let your voice be heard.

File complaints: MN government

  1. Human rights violation
    MN Department of Human Rights. Find more info here.
  2. MDH COVID-19 incident response team
    Josh Peterson 612-741-5393
  3. Complaint against a health care provider or facility
    MN Department of Health
  4. Workplace violation
  5. MN Attorney General
  6. MN medical board

File complaints: federal government

  1. Civil rights violation
    US Department of Justice

Document your story with MN orgs

  1. Fired for refusing COVID vaccine – report to No Jab, No Job.
  2. Denied treatment for refusing to sign HIPAA forms
    Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom
  3. Discriminated against for medical freedom
    Coerced, lied to, bullied…by an employer, government entity, daycare, school, day program or nursing home
    Minnesota Freedom Action Network
  4. Injured by a vaccine
    Report your injury and obtain compensation

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