Chicago bus drivers refuse mandated COVID jab, district cancels bus service; NPR doesn’t seek comment from drivers

yellow school bus on road

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If you listen very carefully to NPR news, you can get some semblance of what is happening out there, but it isn’t easy.

The story: 70 school bus drivers in Chicago quit their jobs causing school bus pickups for 2,100 students in Chicago public schools to be abruptly cancelled. NPR covered the story, interviewing a single mother with two children – students who will not get picked up by school buses; it will cause great inconvenience.

Why was it that the school bus drivers quit — on the same day?  At the very end of the story, NPR shared that the bus drivers quit because the were facing an employer mandate to get a COVID jab. All of these drivers, exercising their rights and not bowing to the pressure, quit their jobs or, more likely, in essence, were fired. But this fact appears as a footnote for NPR’s news story; NPR did not interview any of the school bus drivers who forfeited their jobs in favor of natural health and health freedom; NPR did not seek comment from anyone representing them.

Why did NPR not seek comment from the bus drivers who created this story in the first place? One might think that the drivers’ freedom-oriented point of view did not fit into the story as NPR wanted to tell it. Rather, it appears that NPR intended to leave the listeners with irritation about those bus drivers who abruptly quit and raised havoc in the Chicago school system. 

This bus driver story is typical of the NPR coverage of anything related to COVID or to health. It often seems partially propagandistic, biased, and they often do not seek comment from experts with natural health or health freedom points of view. 

Thank you to the Minnesota Natural Health Coalition for bringing this story to our attention.

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