CDC and media say 61% of Americans are vaxxed, but data shows it is 32%

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“According to the CDC, 60.8% of all adults are fully vaccinated, and over 80% of seniors have taken the jab.[1] Hospitals are telling their employees that over 70% of staff have been vaccinated and at least one airline reports that almost all pilots have been vaccinated. The state-controlled media reports daily that the vaccine rate is very high – just not high enough, which is why continued pressure is needed to convince more people to get in line and get the jab. These reports have led many unvaccinated people to conclude that they are in the minority.

The Kaiser Family Foundation gathered data from 2415 counties and reported that as of May 11, an average of 28.5% of people living in counties that Trump carried were fully vaccinated, while 35% of people living in counties carries by Biden were fully vaccinated.[8] It looks like the administration added these two numbers together in order to report good news about vaccine uptake rather than taking the average of the two which is under 32%.”

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