Legal expert puts Biden’s mandates into perspective

KrisAnne Hall is a biochemist, US Army veteran, and a former prosecutor for the state of Florida. She practiced First Amendment law for a prominent national non-profit law firm, andContinue reading “Legal expert puts Biden’s mandates into perspective”

School board elections – MN law 123B.94

2020 Minnesota Statutes  PDF Chapter 123B Table of Sections Full Chapter Text Version List Section 123B.94 Version List Topics Candidates Chisago county Newspapers School boards School district clerks School districtContinue reading “School board elections – MN law 123B.94”

Exemption from vaccines. What to do if denied.

The information below is an excerpt from OSHA cannot make law” click here to watch. As of 11/17/2021 OSHA has halted its requirement and enforcement of these unlawful measures. Click here to readContinue reading “Exemption from vaccines. What to do if denied.”