Biochemist Martenson: “you have nothing to lose with Ivermectin”

Biochemist Chris Martenson argues that using Ivermectin off-label for COVID19 is both safe and effective.

His rationale is simple:

  1. Safe. This proven drug has been used hundreds of millions of times worldwide for decades; It is safe and well-tolerated.
  2. Effective. Prominent metanalyses have determined a strong signal, including randomized controlled trials and numerous observational studies by physicians like us.

Those who disparage Ivermectin as mere “horse dewormer” probably aren’t doctors. Physicians worldwide have been using the Nobel-prize-winning drug successfully in treating COVID-19.

Martenson compares the inexpensive off-patent Ivermectin to on-patent and EUA-approved Remdisivir, which comes with “25% severe side-effects.” So as Martenson concludes, the “safety profiles aren’t even remotely comparable.”

Such prompts one to ask why the FDA has approved Remdisivir for emergency use and not Ivermectin.

Screen capture from Chris Martenson presentation.
Screen capture from Chris Martenson presentation.

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