Australian man imprisoned for having opposing viewpoint on COVID rules and vaccines

“Youtube personality Anomaly interviewed five people living in Australia who described harsh lockdowns that include virtual house arrest. People are allowed to be outdoors only for such things as exercise, caring for a loved one, and shopping, but most shops are closed. Travel is restricted in some areas to 3 miles from home and only for a short period. Individuals may visit only one person. Video below.

A man was arrested for being on the beach without a mask.  There have been orders to not speak to others when meeting in public. 1,000-bed facilities are being built for dissenters. There are only 490 current cases of Covid-19 in the whole country, and only four deaths have been attributed to Covid this year. For this, the entire population is under house arrest. Three weeks ago there was a large protest with tens of thousands of people in Sydney, but now the right to protest has been suspended.

Tim Truth, a popular alternative media poster, says he was arrested after his wife turned him in because he has an opposing viewpoints about Covid rules and vaccines. He says he was taken by police, put in a medical ward, and told he had a mental breakdown.” Video below.

Information obtained from Need to Know News.

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