Are monoclonal antibodies abortion-tainted drugs?

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Texas doctor, Richard Bartlett, MD, who saved countless lives with his steroid Budesonide protocol, shares his experience with Regeneron and seems to say that it is an effective treatment for COVID-19. Watch the video with Dr. Richard Bartlett, MD on The Highwire. However, various professionals have pointed out that some are made with aborted fetuses, and some are not.

Read the following information from (See link here.) A monoclonal antibody is an antibody (a protein) that is produced by a single clone of cells and has identical antibody molecules on the protein. The one of greatest interest these days is REGEN-COV from Regeneron. It is a combination to two monoclonal antibodies, casirivimab (REGN10933) and imdevimab (REGN10987). It was developed and tested with the HEK-293T aborted fetal cell lines according to Regeneron’s publication in Cell journal. Another preprint paper in collaboration with Regeneron describes the use of Freestyle 293 cells in the production of REGN10933 and REGN10987, as does this paper in Science journal. We have not been able to verify whether this same production process is used in manufacturing.

Other monoclonal antibodies of recent interest are (see links for scientific information):

  • Sotrovimab – Biologics code is VIR-7831. Lenti X-293T cells are used in production; see lines 339 and 415. These cells are a subclone of HEK 293. A subclone is a cell that has been genetically modified from a previous instance. This is often done to alter (enhance or attenuate) a cell’s expression characteristics. In this case, the ‘parent’ HEK-293 cell is modified by a DNA segment to enhance the expression of viral proteins and increase the ease of transfection (infection).
  • Casirivimab – Uses ACE2-293, HEK-293T, Freestyle 293 cell lines; see above information for REGEN-COV.
  • Imdevimab – Uses ACE2-293, HEK-293T, Freestyle 293 cell lines; see above information for REGEN-COV.
  • Bamlanivimab – Biologics code is LY-Cov555. This paper describes the use of HD 293F cells in production of the antibody. The Supplemental Materials of this pre-print paper describe the use of the same cells in production and testing.
  • Tocilizumab – Also called RoActemra. Produced in Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells; see Product Review. The Assessment Report also does not describe the use of any aborted fetal cell lines.

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