FEMA paying funeral expenses for those who died from vax

Alpha News Service based in Minnesota, reported a story of a Minnesota family that received funeral expense payment from FEMA.

The story from Liz Collin, reporter for Alpha News, told the story how a family received payment from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) for the death of a family member from the COVID-19 vaccine.
FEMA set aside $2.8 Billion dollars to pay for funeral expenses. Over 438,000 claims have been paid, averaging $6,400 to help cover expenses such as funeral home services, burial plots and headstones, clergy and transportation of the body.

There are a few qualifying conditions such as a death certificate listing the cause of death attributed to COVID-19 vaccine, as a leading cause or a contributing cause.
Click here for more details of the program.

The FEMA program will stop accepting applications May 11, 2023.

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