Dr. Chetty: Early out-patient treatment critical in COVID-19

Listen to Dr. Chetty discuss the treatment of COVID-19. Dr Shankara Chetty has successfully treated over 8000 covid patients and not a single death. No oxygen and no hospital visits.

Because he made early discoveries and found treatments, his perspective is not the same as other doctors around the world. He did not see deaths and injuries.
He discovered “8th Day Hypersensitive reaction” – His patients presented with a Type 1 Hypersensitive reaction on the 8th day.

His treatment on 8th day led to rapid recoveries once treated with steroids and Anti-histamines. Oxygen saturation increased immediately and patients recovered within 2 weeks.

Time of treatment with onset of allergic reaction is critical so community were informed and educated,

You can find more information from Dr. Chetty at 8days.org.

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