36 parent advocacy groups reject forced masking in letter to Walz

teacher with his students in the classroom

“Thirty-six parent groups, including Let Them Learn and Let Them Play, recently published a letter addressed to both Gov. Tim Walz and President Joe Biden. The groups represent over 30,000 Minnesota families who say they “have watched the last week unfold in abject horror,” referring to repeated calls for mask mandates in schools.

“We are here to inform you that your uninvited reign of destruction over the children of Minnesota is finished,” the letter says.

The parent groups claim Walz is aware of the political nature of continued masking, as well as the fact that it “is not rooted in science.”

“Effective immediately,” the groups say they will refuse to mask their children in schools or let them be victims of another lockdown. They will no longer allow government leaders to “use private sector counterparts to enforce invasive mask mandates on our children in various stores or at community activities.”

Read the full article at Alpha News.

“Other groups that are rejecting mask mandates by signing the open letter include Reopen Minnesota Schools, Conservative Teachers of Minnesota, Hold the Line Minnesota, Open Schools USA, and several groups of parents from school districts across the state.”

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