Treatments for COVID-19, works!

United States medical professional groups offer numerous treatment options and demonstrate success with the percentage of patients surviving and living with high quality of life after COVID.

  • C19 – organized by Peter McCullough, the most published author in his field, in history.
  • FLCCC – Frontline Critical Care Consortium – they offer the famous MATH+ protocol
  • America’s Frontline Doctors – watch their online summits & access therapeutics through their telemedicine program.
  • C19 worked with Association of American Physicians and Surgeons – they offer a home patient guide, and they have organized the united States into four telemedicine services, and 15 regional services, functioning through 500+ doctors.  People diagnosed with COVID-19 called in; medicine was prescribed and delivered. These doctors treat about 25% of the united States COVID-19 population who are age 50+ with severe co-morbidities.  They understand the the suppression of medicines is tightly linked with the rollout of the vaccine. 
  • Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom’s DIY Early Treatment Kit, published on Download a pdf to create your own Early Treatment Kit to have on hand for yourself and your family. Most of the products listed can be found over-the-counter at your local drugstore or pharmacy. Watch their latest updates on Facebook or Rumble.

Drug/medicine study databases

  1. Research studies on hydroxychloroquine
  2. Research studies on Ivermectin
  3. Research studies on Vitsmin D
  4. Research studies on Zinc
  5. Research studies on REGN-COV2
  6. Research studies on LY-COV
  7. Research studies on Remdesivir

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